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Yowani has three
magnificent couch greens with sun shading for
young and old to enjoy!



Yowani Country Club has 24 modern self-contained motel units.


Course Description

Distances are from the Blue tees – course length 6330m.

1. Par 5, 445 m

In the words of that Sound of Music song… ‘Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start’. And the short par 5, 1st is indeed a good place to start. This is a relatively easy 3 shotter, though the effective landing area off the tee is fairly narrow. The green is large, flat and true, and a confidence boosting birdie is a real possibility.

Hot Tip

Billy don’t be a hero — just get your tee shot up short of the fairway bunker, and getting on in regulation should be easy.

2. Par 4, 363 m

A very makeable par 4… if you get a good, straight tee shot away. The fairway dog-legs at almost 90 degrees right for the second shot, with overhanging branches either side of the fairway making alignment a bit awkward for the shot to the green. To level up the ledger, the green is large and flat, though with shallow bunkers left and right.

Hot Tip

If you can’t make the dogleg with your tee-shot, keep your first shot left of centre for a clearer line to the green.

3. Par 3, 137 m

This short par 3 is something of a ‘sleeper’ — though the stroke index is only 17. In fact it looks so easy off the tee that this hole is often seriously underestimated. The green is large and gently 2-tiered, with long bunkers along both sides

Hot Tip

The centre of this green is a good result no matter where the pin is.

4. Par 5, 531 m

OK… time to let out the breath and have a lash! This long par 5 is a chance for the so-far-frustrated big hitters to unwind the shoulders for an outside chance of getting on in two. The wide fairway steers around to the left at the 300 metre mark, for a clear shot to a relatively small, elevated green….with trouble left and at the back.

Hot Tip

A good tee shot to the right side of the fairway will give you a view of the green while the left side is blocked by trees. If in doubt, lay up your 3rd shot under the green, and go for a chip and one putt because the green slopes from back to front.

5. Par 4, 390 m

This medium to long par 4 is one of the best looking holes on the course. The landing area off the tee is not too tight, but there’s tree-trouble left and right for the run-away draw or high fade. The up-hill second shot is a real tester because the elevated green slopes dramatically left to right, and then drops down a very steep bank to a difficult bunker.

A well struck mid or long iron that holds this green is one of those shots that keeps you coming back for years!

Hot Tip

Bring your approach shot into the left side of the green, and let it roll down to the pin.

6. Par 3, 183 m

A gem of a par 3 that runs from an elevated tee down to a medium size green, protected by bunkers left and right. Depending on the breeze, this hole can be anything from a big 6 iron to a battling 3 wood.

Hot Tip

A relaxed lay-up shot keeps you out of steep-face bunkers, and a real chance at an up and down for par.

7. Par 4, 357 m

Here’s your first look at the water! This shortish par 4 winds around to the right, with the corner of the large dam tucked in the elbow. A straight 5 wood or 3 iron off the tee is generally all you need for a clear shot of around 150 metres or less to the green. The fairway width narrows if you fancy a longer tee shot but there is some reward in an easy wedge into the green if you land it. The green is guarded by a bunker on the front left, but is large and flat, with a gentle break towards the water.

Hot Tip

There’s OOB to the left of the green, and a steep drop away to the right, onto hard ground. Aim at the centre of the green.

8. Par 4, 401 m

This long, straight par 4 runs parallel to the Barton Highway and the mounds along the edges of the fairway make this look a narrow hole from the tee. The Barton Highway becomes the Hume Highway and any tee shot that flies left over the pines and lands in a ute will probably end up in Gundagai or Melbourne.

A bogie is a very acceptable score on this hole, but if you can hit it long and straight your second shot is slightly downhill, and a good chance to make the distance. The green is long, though not very wide with a bunker on the left to catch wayward approach shots.

Hot Tip

Stay off the Highway!

9. Par 4, 349m

A dead straight, shortish par 4 with tall timber left and right of a fairly narrow landing area. It looks easy, but this is no place to get ‘white-line’ fever. A storm water channel runs across the fairway about 50 metres out from the green. The green is two-tiered and slopes from back to front with a large bunker guarding the left front.

Hot Tip

If your driver hasn’t been running hot so far, a 3 wood will leave you with a makeable shot to the green. Stay under the pin if you can for your first putt. On a dry day a downhill putt on this green can run for miles.

10. Par 5, 515 m

If you’re a chance at the course record after the front 9, this long par 5 can have a humbling effect. At just over 500 metres it stretches out further than a long weekend with the in-laws, but if you get your tee shot in good position it’s very makeable in regulation. The green is big enough for a courageous approach shot to hold but there are large pines guarding the left side, and a long, shallow bunker on the right.

Hot Tip

Pause and grab a snack and a drink at the ‘half-way’ hut before teeing off. You still have a long way to go!

11. Par 4, 333 m

The dam on this medium length par 4 looks big enough to hold the US Navy — but you still have to get over it if you go straight for the green. If you’ve got the confidence and the length … then by all means go straight over for a pitch and a chance at a birdie, but the safer shot is a hybrid or medium to long iron down the left side, for a relatively straight-forward approach shot to a green guarded front and back right by steep faced bunkers. There’s also trouble over the back of the green.

Hot Tip

The effective fairway landing area left of the dam is tight. Slicers beware!

12. Par 3, 187 m

A few years ago the green was completely redesigned on this long straight par 3 of around 180 metres — and now, with bunkers front left and right and a convoluted, 2 tiered green without any straight flat putts… it’s even harder that it used to be. And to make it even more interesting, the green drops away dramatically back left, and can throw an over-hit shot right off the green.

Hot Tip

If in doubt, play your tee shot up near the front of the green and go for an uphill chip and a putt for your par.

13. Par 4, 404 m

This long par 4 looks innocent enough from the tee, but rates as one of the hardest holes on the course. The landing area is wide enough, though there are thick trees both sides of the fairway and a hazard along the left edge. The reason it’s so tough on the scorecard is that the fairway steers gently around to the left to a large green protected by a long, shallow bunker — with nothing but trouble to the right of the green. When the pin is towards the back of the green, even an approach shot that sticks is no guarantee for a 2 putt.

Hot Tip

Keep your tee shot right of the centre of the fairway. A very large tree overhangs the approach to the green if your tee shot is too far left. And unless you bring a rake, don’t go over the back of the green in autumn.

14. Par 4, 394 m

This medium-long par 4 is something of a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’… which is why it rates as one of the toughest. Though the 14th is gun-barrel straight, it’s very tight and requires a good tee shot onto the fairway to be any chance of a par. The prevailing westerly wind can also add to the level of difficulty as you hit straight into the teeth of it. The green is large, but protected by bunkers at the approach on both sides.

Hot Tip

Even if it isn’t all that long, keep your tee shot on the fairway. Take a long iron if you have to — but stay on the fairway!

15. Par 5, 474 m

If you’ve had a bit of a fright on the 13th and 14th, then the par 5, 15th is the place to get it back under control. This is a relatively easy 5 shotter, although there are fairway bunkers and mounds right and trees left waiting to catch the big tee shot. Also watch the OOB down the right side of the fairway, just inside the tree line. There are townhouses running the length of the fairway — and the OOB is there to encourage you not to visit the back yards. The green is large and 2 tiered with bunkers on the left and water over the back.

Hot Tip

No percentage in trying to hit it too far off the tee. Just take a long iron or 3 wood and get it up short of the fairway bunkers. Stay humble, stay healthy!

16. Par 3, 170 m

If the term ‘signature hole’ means anything, then this mid-length par 3 is probably it at Yowani. The 16th is a very picturesque hole played entirely over the dam that sits between this and the 17th. When the fish are abundant you will often see pelicans plying their trade. From the blue markers this is a daunting tee shot so take plenty of club, because it’s all over water. The green is large, and all points lead back down to the dam.

Hot Tip

Plenty of players have to admit to double figures in stroke comps on this one, so if in doubt, play down the left side — then go for a chip and a putt for your par.

17. Par 4, 362 m

This par 4 offers an attractive vista back towards Canberra city, but it also contributes its share of golf-balls to the dam… usually on the approach shot to the green. The green is another large one, and slopes from back to front. Despite the slope, the line is fairly predictable, so an approach shot that stops short gives you a chance at a pitch and one-putt – but watch out for the bunker front left.

Hot Tip

It doesn’t hurt to be conservative and avoid playing directly over the dam if possible. Having said that… a par sure feels good on this hole!

18. Par 4, 335m

‘Home is the Hunter, home from the Hill … and the Sailor home from the Sea’… well sort of, because there’s still a testing little par 4 to finish. This shortish par 4 requires a bit of thought, because it veers around to the right at around 120 metres out from the green… with a large tree snookering any tee shot that lands right of centre-fairway. The green is an elevated, two-tiered affair with deep bunkers at the front.

Hot Tip

There are two schools of thought here: keep it carefully left of centre off the tee, then a 7 or 8 iron to the green; or, as Kevin Costner said in ‘Tin Cup’… ‘grip it and rip it!’ and then its only a gap wedge up to the putting surface.