Junior Golf

Yowani conducts an active Junior Golf program for both junior boys and girls.  During the year a number of events or programs are conducted for Junior’s including:

  • Junior Club Championships
  • Participation in Junior  Pennant competition;
  • Special Junior competitions during School Holidays;
  • Regular coaching clinics during School Holidays; and
  • The Sub-Junior Golf Program (detailed information below).

Senior club members are encouraged to get involved in the Junior Programs and to assist with integrating junior members into the club by helping Junior members complete rounds for handicap advising on etiquette and volunteering to assist where possible.

For further information on Yowani Junior Golf contact Yowani Junior Manager Ken Norris on 0417 264695 or email kenjulie@grapevine.net.au


 Children are generally accepted into the program after they have turned 9 or if they have not yet turned 14. They may join the program at the start of term 1, 2 or 4. They may hold their place in the program for a term (if they want to take the term off to play another sport or pursue a leisure activity).

Children are required to pay a weekly fee of $10.00. This is based on an 8 week term. Periodically we are unable to play on a particular Monday because of public holidays, corporate days, bad weather, etc. Past experience has shown that allocating an alternate day has not proven successful because of other after school activities.

Children of all abilities are welcomed into the program. All we ask is that they are keen to learn and prepared to behave impeccably. The program provides excellent competitive opportunities. However, while winning is celebrated it does not overshadow the program focus on:

  • enjoying the game
  • learning how to play golf safely and properly
  • abiding by and learning about rules and etiquette
  • being on your best behaviour, having good manners and being respectful to all (especially the walkers)
  • persevering and being self-disciplined while playing
  • meeting new friends and enjoying their company

Monday start time is as close to 3.30pm as possible. Children are off the course by 5.15pm for afternoon tea and results at 5.30pm. Parents are to pick up no later than 5.45pm.

The golf term coincides with the first Monday of the public school term. Term 2 is shorter due to winter. The terms for 2019 are:

Term 1:         4 February – 8 April

Term 2:        29 April – 1 July

Term 3:        14 October – 16 December

Generally, children must graduate from the sub-junior program at the end of the year that they turn 14. At this time, they are encouraged to become financial junior members of the Yowani Country Club.