Junior Golf

Yowani conducts an active Junior Golf program for both junior boys and girls.  During the year a number of events or programs are conducted for Junior’s including:

  • Junior Club Championships
  • Participation in Junior  Pennant competition;
  • Special Junior competitions during School Holidays;
  • Regular coaching clinics during School Holidays; and
  • The Sub-Junior Golf Program (detailed information below).

Senior club members are encouraged to get involved in the Junior Programs and to assist with integrating junior members into the club by helping Junior members complete rounds for handicap advising on etiquette and volunteering to assist where possible.

For further information on Yowani Junior Golf contact Yowani Junior Manager Ken Norris on 0417 264695 or email kenjulie@grapevine.net.au


 Children are generally accepted into the program after they have turned 9 or if they have not yet turned 14. They may join the program at the start of term 1, 2 or 4. They may hold their place in the program for a term (if they want to take the term off to play another sport or pursue a leisure activity).

Children are required to pay a weekly fee of $10.00. This is based on an 8 week term. Periodically we are unable to play on a particular Monday because of public holidays, corporate days, bad weather, etc. Past experience has shown that allocating an alternate day has not proven successful because of other after school activities.

Children of all abilities are welcomed into the program. All we ask is that they are keen to learn and prepared to behave impeccably. The program provides excellent competitive opportunities. However, while winning is celebrated it does not overshadow the program focus on:

  • enjoying the game
  • learning how to play golf safely and properly
  • abiding by and learning about rules and etiquette
  • being on your best behaviour, having good manners and being respectful to all (especially the walkers)
  • persevering and being self-disciplined while playing
  • meeting new friends and enjoying their company

Monday start time is as close to 3.30pm as possible. Children are off the course by 5.15pm for afternoon tea and results at 5.30pm. Parents are to pick up no later than 5.45pm.

The golf term coincides with the first Monday of the public school term. Term 2 is shorter due to winter. The terms for 2019 are:

Term 1:         4 February – 8 April

Term 2:        29 April – 1 July

Term 3:        14 October – 16 December

Generally, children must graduate from the sub-junior program at the end of the year that they turn 14. At this time, they are encouraged to become financial junior members of the Yowani Country Club.


Yowani Juniors Just Fall Short at the 20th Hole


Welcome to the Junior Pennant Final, Yowani v the powerhouse of Queanbeyan. The Queanbeyan outfit was very strong their youngest player was 15, our oldest player being 14!

On a freezing cold windy Sunday the young guns were up for the challenge.

Lucy first off receiving 4 shots. A shaky start for Lucy being 2 down after two but her wonderful caddie (Margo Bain) steadied the ship and got Lucy firing. After 6 holes Lucy was hitting her straps being 2 up. Catching up with them on the 7th I distracted her caddie which lead to a 3 putt lose.  My bad..  Being just 2 players in the group they were getting away from the field and it was hard to keep up.  I finally found them on the 16th with Lucy being 1 up. A square there and then a tough loss on the 17th, Lucy played it perfectly but with her opponent hitting the ball much further he was able to win the hole. All square going onto the 18th. Her opponent miss hits providing Lucy a great opportunity to grab the win. She put it pin high just to the left of the green. Her opponent takes 3 to get on but only has a 4 foot putt. Lucy takes her time Margo walking her up to the green to see where to land the chip. Lucy lands on the green now for a putt off. Lucy puts it to two foot her opponent misses. Make this putt or we head down the 1st hole. Lucy stands over her putt and straight in the middle, Yowani 1-0.

Morgan and Bachitar next. Morgan getting 7 and Bachitar 18 shots. Great drives to start which set up for a good start. After 5 holes Bachitar was 2 up and Morgan 1 up.

Super Caddie Ken Norris was on Morgan’s bag trying to earn him his first win for the season. Morgan has really improved his play this year and hoping to bring it home for Yowani.  Ed Peek arrived at the 7th and told Bachitar, move over kid I’m pushing your bag. With a few hills to climb it was a welcome relief. The boys continued their great play and by the 13th Morgan still 1 up Bachitar now 3 up. Bachitar never let his opponent in and took the match 5-4. Yowani now just 2 wins away from victory.  Morgan still playing well but missed some putts and was now 1 down playing 17.  This is the furthest Morgan has gone this year c’mon keep it going. Alas it wasn’t to be with Morgan going down 2-1.

Our Dynamic Duo were next, Levi and Henry. What a season these boys have had. Both boys were going to find it tough playing against single markers.  A few shots in hand hopefully they can benefit from their steady play.  Again great drives on the first, this really annoys your opponent keeping it straight and not making many errors. For Levi he missed a few shots and was 3 down before you knew it.  Henry had Manager Malcolm on his bag to keep him focused and was 2 up after 6.  Some wise words from Caddie Mick got Levi under control and when I meet them next Levi won the 8th and the match was all square. Great recovery.  Henry was keeping pace and after 12 was still 2 up.  Levi maintaining the rage and before you knew it he was 3 up. Playing 16 he squares the hole and wins 3-2. Yowani on fire, one more victory required.  More to come for Henry…..

Ryan and Nathan were last to hit off and after watching everyone hit great drives the pressure was on.  Both players were playing very talented players, Amber off +.8 Harry 1.6 it was going to be a tough contest. Nathan with Caddie Wade Blanchard aboard parred the first few but was 1 down and Ryan was 2 down after some poor putting.  Still time to get back in the match. Nathan’s opponent never gave a chance and was 1 under front 9. Ryan was 4 down after losing the 9th. Although both tried their best they went down early and joined the growing crowd to see what Henry was doing. The match was now tied at 3 all. Lots of Yowani supporters there to cheer on their team, it was great to see. Thank you to all, our kids certainly appreciated seeing you all there.

Back to Henry, Henry had a couple of bad holes and his opponent took the opportunity to hit the lead 1 up and we are off to the 18th. Henry needs to win the hole to keep Yowani in it.  Henry’s opponent puts it just left of the green. Henry hits a great shot just short.  His player on the green with a chip to 10 foot, Henry needs to win to keep the match alive.  Malcolm settles Henry and like all day nails his chip right next to the pin. Hole conceded, we are into a playoff.  I thought last week was nerve racking this tops it all.  Two very goods drives down the middle, Henry knocks his second down the middle while his opponent has gone right. By this time the gallery had grown and it was like the US Masters…Henry, Henry, Henry. Maybe the crowd spooked him and he hit it left into the water. His opponent chips out and chips on with a 12 footer.  Henry takes his drop and leaves his chip about 14 foot short. His putt is a bit strong and 6 foot past. Although Henry was getting a shot his opponent can win the match. His opponent also with a strong putt and 3 foot past. Henry just misses his return putt, it looks all over for Yowani.  Queanbeyan with a 3 foot putt to win… lips out. Oh the pressure and now off to the second playoff hole.  Two great drives Henry hits his iron into the green side bunker his opponent just through the green in some thick rough. He plays a ripper and puts it to 3 foot.  Henry out just onto the green.  A long putt but good length just to the left. Queanbeyan sink their putt leaving Henry a short but breaking left to right putt to move on the third playoff hole.  He strikes it perfectly, Caddie Malcolm yells Good Boy but somehow it stays high and refuses to drop in. Oh dear what a match and what a way to finish. Queanbeyan wins 4 to 3. Henry was very distraught but the team was so rapt for the way he played.

It was a wonderful season for the Yowani Juniors, such a young team, no one gave us a chance.  Well done to all it was a wonderful ride seeing you improve and the great sportsmanship showed throughout the season.

Bring on 2020 we can go one better.

It is now time for the parents to show up as the challenge has been set to take on the kids.  Monday 10 June.  Further details to come.